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Time is money! If you don't want to loose your money you need to have watches. And it's not a secret that nowadays wristwatches are used mostly as pieces of jewelry than as timepieces. We offer you a wide choice of wristwatches and pendant watches for men and women. You are welcome to Classic Watch Shop.com!

Some historical facts: The first pocket watch was created in 1524 by Peter Henlein. But that watches had only an hour hand. And only in 1556 Taqi al-Din created watches which measured the time in minutes. The first industrial manufacturer of pocket watches was Waltham Watch Company founded in 1850. There was a time when it was a sign of wealth and power to have expensive golden watches decorated with diamonds and it is still in power sometimes. Nowadays there are thousands of brands and manufacturers of watches. A nice combination of useful and decorative aspects made watches very popular.

We offer you classic, oval, rectangular, round and square-shaped watches with ceramic bands, leather and rubber, fancy and thin bands made of yellow, white and rose gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel and watches just with gold plated or decorated with diamonds and Swarovski crystals. We offer you water and moisture resistant watches, watches with nighttime reading and chronograph, shock resistant watches, pendant watches and many others. We have separated collections of watches for ladies and men which include such popular and trusted collections as Alfred Sung, Charles Hubert, Pierre Cardin, Calypso, DaVinci, Lucien Piccard, Arnex, Mountroyal collections of watches. We are also glad to offer you unisex collection where you'll find watches perfectly suitable both men and women without any distinctions.

At our on-line store you will always find a high quality customer service, easy and safe shopping, a wide choice of items, materials, styles, sizes and forms, affordable prices and famous collections of only high quality products. Whether you are searching for a watch for yourself or it will be a gift you can find something interesting and beautiful here.

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