Japanese Quartz Watches

There were various timekeeping devices through the history of mankind and the first most accurate wrist watch occurred in the early 1970s. Quartz watches work in a rather simple way but they are very reliable. Quart crystals give constant electronic signal by vibrating with proper frequency and generating an electrical charge. There were no such extremely stable resonators for accurate timekeeping in watch industry before quartz crystals technology appeared. Although Swiss made a quartz watch prototype, Japanese quartz watch was first to reach the market. Seiko team developed a quartz watch and the reasonable price and size of quartz watch were achieved. Japanese quartz watches we offer you are high quality, accurate and durable.

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Ed Hardy Garden Purple WatchEd Hardy Garden Purple WatchRetail Price: $172.50
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Mens Ed Hardy Brute Silver WatchMens Ed Hardy Brute Silver WatchRetail Price: $151.80
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